Is Earth Demanding A Sabbath Rest?

Understand the Issues

What is Happening to Our World?

Governments, businesses, churches, and political leaders increasingly point to the need for regular pause from the stress placed by humanity on nature and society. Our planet and the human race need a regular, recurring rest.

Is a weekly Sabbath rest the answer?

Sabbath Rest: its origin and purpose

What is the Sabbath and where did it originate? Did man create the Sabbath? Is it only a Jewish holiday?

sabbath rest and the environment

How can Sabbath rest impact the environment? Does this ancient holy day hold a secret for us today?

sabbath rest and social justice

Is the answer to many of the world’s social problems and struggles hidden in a weekly Sabbath rest?

Is Sabbath a Christian holiday?

Are Sunday and the Sabbath the same thing? Does it matter? Are they both Christian holidays?

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

- Hosea

Understand the Issues